About Us

In search of a perfect generator? Congratulations, you’re on the right site. Whether you’re looking for a propane, diesel, or solar model, a budget-friendly or a high-end one, for your home, RV, or boat, we got you covered.

Here, you’ll find all-encompassing, descriptive reviews of the best models the market has to offer. No need to spend hours surfing the net and doing your own research. All the hard work has been done for you!

How we do it

To create each review, we spend tens of hours studying the specifics of each topic, hundreds of real buyers’ comments, each product’s specs and sales statistics. Here’s what the process usually looks like:

Exploring the topic. At this stage we need to collect all the essential information about the type of a generator we’re going to write about. Our experts make a list of features and aspects to pay attention to while searching for the best of the best.

Researching the market. We then scour the market to find the most decent models available. Everything is taken into consideration: we study the product’s official rating, the real buyers’ feedback (using tools for detecting unnatural reviews, such as FakeSpot), its sales history, price change, and some other statistics to make the research as all-encompassing as possible.

Testing the products. Each model we chose is then sent to our testing department, where we make sure it corresponds with what the manufacturer states on the package. For each unit we make a product report, where our experts describe their impressions as well as pros and cons they found.

Writing the article. The product reports are then handed over to our writers. Based on the research findings, they write a coherent text so that you could find all the necessary information with ease.

Our team

Daniel Moreno


Research Writer

Daniel holds a Master’s degree in Arts and apart from working as a freelance writer, is a rather successful author of science fiction stories published in several literary magazines.

Charles Stephens



Charles’ family owns a farm in New Jersey. Since his early years Charles knew what a good generator should be capable of. Now he hopes to develop and share his knowledge to help thousands of other people choose the best of the best.

Phil Hosmer


Expert Consultant

Phil has been working as a technical engineer since his graduation, and has never thought of changing his profession. Also, he’s an avid fisherman and camper, so it’s not only work which makes him deal with generators.

Are we sponsored?

It may seem that such review websites are all sponsored by particular brands. This is not the case. We are a part of an affiliate program, which means we collaborate with online stores in general and get commissions in case something is sold with our help. However, we’re free to choose any product at all, the commissions are not differentiated within brands. By buying a product via our reviews, you help us develop our project and make it better.