10 Best Honda Generators – No More Problems With The Lack Of Energy

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In this article, we’re looking at the best Honda generators. Whether you need a generator for when the power goes out, or you are looking for something to use outdoors in order to power your tools or even use your electronics more easily when on a camping trip, we’ve got you covered.

Our editor’s choice for the best product in this category is the Honda EG5000, it is a really reliable and powerful Honda generator which can be used to power the whole house if you have a power outage. There’s a gauge for the fuel and it is very easy to start. Just pull the cord and you’re ready to go. The rest of our reviews can be found below which explore the best Honda generators for some other uses including portability. Our product nominations are designed to help you to work out which generator is suitable for your own unique needs.

The reviews below feature different types of features and we’ve taken on board lots of the top features and functions including how long they can run for, the fuel capacity, whether there is a fuel gauge to check the usage and other features such as how easy the generator is to start up. All of these features have their merits and you may prioritize some over others. For instance, it might be the case that you want the best for fuel capacity, so knowing how much they can hold will be beneficial. We’ve got a variety of Honda generators listed in our review and presented as a full table of the best products. We’ve also included a buying guide at the end to explain more about buying the best Honda generator.

Top 10 Honda Generators Review 2022


Honda EG5000Editor’s Choice

  • Type: Conventional
  • Peak/rated watts: 5000/4500
  • Engine: 389cc Honda GX390 OHV 4-stroke
  • Starting methode: Recoil
  • Fuel type: Gasoline
  • Fuel tank: 6.3 gallons
  • Run time: up to 11 hrs at 1/2 load
  • Outlets: 2x Duplex 120V 20A (5-20R) GFCI, 1x 120V 30A (L5-30R), 1x 120/240V 30A (L14-30R)
  • Noise level: 70 dBa
  • Dimensions: 26.8 x 22.8 x 22.6 in
  • Weight: 173 lbs.

The HONDA EG5000 is a good quality generator and it is very reliable. We’ve named it our ‘Editor’s choice’ due to the fact that it has a good all-round set of features that a lot of people will find suitable.

The capacity has over 6 gallons that can be kept in the fuel tank, and it also has the benefit of being able to run for over 11 hours at a time. Multiple power outlets at 120 or 240v can be used to power a number of different devices and electronics.

5000 peak watts means that this is suitable to run a lot of different appliances around the house, it could even work as a backup power system if the electric goes out. it is best used in a relatively small home if you plan to use it for these purposes. A fuel gauge is included so you can keep an eye on how much you are using to power your home.

One slight criticism that we’ve seen come up multiple times in peoples’ reviews of the EG5000 is the fact that it is a little bit louder than some of the other options. If you are looking for the ultimate quietest Honda generator then this won’t be the one for you.

What makes it special?

  • Reliable and built to last
  • Big fuel tank that can give over 11 hours of use
  • Easy to start and runs reliably

What cons did we find?

  • A little bit louder than a lot of the other options. Can be over 70dB in volume
  • No wheels for transporting, so not the most portable option

Honda EM5000SXBest Gasoline Generator

  • Type: Conventional
  • Peak/rated watts: 5000/4500
  • Engine: 389cc Honda iGX390 OHV 4-stroke
  • Starting system: Recoil, Electric, Remote
  • Fuel type: Gasoline
  • Fuel tank: 6.2 gallons
  • Run time: up to 11.2 hrs at 1/2 load
  • Outlets: 2x Duplex 120V 20A (5-20R) GFCI, 1x 120V 30A (L5-30R), 1x 120/240V 30A (L14-30R), 1x 12V 8A output
  • Noise level: 63 dBa
  • Dimensions: 41.1 x 27.8 x 28.3 in
  • Weight: 232 lbs.

The Honda EM5000SX is a bit of an upgrade on the Honda EG5000 model. It is something of the ‘next generation’ in this line of products and has some better features than the editor’s choice as well as having some cons. Though it weighs a little bit more, it is equally reliable and has addressed the main problem some people had with its predecessor, the noise. This gasoline Honda generator runs much more quietly with a 63 dB maximum.

The rest of the top features are still there and something to be proud of for the Honda brand, it has plenty of outputs for running different appliances.

Like a lot of the other bigger Honda generators it has a large 6 gallon capacity and at ½ load (only using half of the power) it can run for over 11 hours in total.

This is an excellent model if you don’t mind a big and bulky generator within your home or garage and if portability isn’t your number one priority.

What are its best features?

  • Reliable, sturdy product which is easy to start and runs reliably
  • Over 11 hours runtime at half load
  • Comes with a 3 year manufacturer warranty
  • Wheels are included, great for moving around the house or garage without having to pick it up

What could be improved?

  • Big and bulky product, harder to transport from place to place

Honda EU2200iBest Inverter Generator

  • Type: Inverter
  • Peak/rated watts: 2200/1800
  • Engine: 121cc Honda GXR120 OHV 4-stroke
  • Starting system: Recoil
  • Fuel type: Gasoline
  • Fuel tank: 0.95 gallons
  • Run time: up to 4 hrs at 1/2 load
  • Outlets: 1x Duplex 120V 20A (5-20R), 1x 12V 8A output
  • Noise level: 48 dBa
  • Dimensions: 20 x 11.4 x 16.7 in
  • Weight: 46.5 lbs.

This is the best of the inverter type generators on our list, and is the highest rated model that has been designed to be extra portable! It weighs just 46.5 lbs which means it is a viable option for throwing in the trunk of your car and taking onto campsites. It is not the cheapest generator, due to the fact that it has a lot of features and functions packed into a small package, but in spite of its size, it is built to last.

The fuel tank is less than one gallon, so don’t expect days of heavy duty use out of this product. Instead, you will get around 4 hours if you are using it at a half load. The peak wattage is 2200. So, while this is very good for portable appliances and for use on a worksite to use a couple of power tools, for instance, it won’t be a backup for your whole house.

As this is an inverter type, it automatically converts the current to a DC signal so you don’t have to worry about it damaging devices. You can use it on your laptop, for instance.

Another big benefit is the noise level. At 48 dB, it is much lower than some of the bigger, more hefty products on the market.

Why is it special?

  • Lightweight and portable to take out and about on camping trips etc
  • Can be used directly with devices

What are the flaws?

  • Not a very big capacity or run time
  • Not as many outputs to use
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Honda EG6500Best Portable Generator

  • Type: Conventional
  • Peak/rated watts: 6500/5500
  • Engine: 389cc Honda GX390 OHV 4-stroke
  • Starting system: Recoil
  • Fuel type: Gasoline
  • Fuel tank: 6.3 gallons
  • Run time: up to 10 hrs at 1/2 load
  • Outlets: 2x Duplex 120V 20A (5-20R) GFCI, 1x 120V 30A (L5-30R), 1x 120/240V 30A (L14-30R)
  • Noise level: 70 dBa
  • Dimensions: 26.8 x 20.9 x 22.5 in
  • Weight: 179 lbs.

The Honda EG6500 is the best portable Honda generator if you need to use something to power a huge amount of devices or provide loads of power when you are away from mains electricity. For instance, if you are running a business such as a mobile catering business, or you need electricity on a worksite while you wait for mains electricity to be installed. This can be used to run everything from coffee machines to power tools and is portable yet still high capacity.

The peak/rated watts is 6500/5500, which is plenty for a lot of different devices and electrical goods to be plugged in and operating at once. At half load, you can use this generator for up to 10 hours with the fuel tank containing up to 6.3 liters and running off of gasoline.

This reliable generator has a Honda specific digital auto voltage regulation system that helps it to stay reliable and run in a more efficient way.

It’s a bit heavy for a portable model, but this is just the price you have to pay for taking all that portable power to a building site, for instance.

What are our favorite features?

  • Reliable power for lots of appliances or tools to be plugged in
  • Up to 6500W of power provided at a time
  • Voltage regulation for more reliability and efficiency

What could be better?

  • Could do with wheels to make it easier to move around
  • Quite heavy for a portable generator
  • Produces quite a lot of noise, 70dB

Honda EM4000SMost Durable Generator

  • Type: Conventional
  • Peak/rated watts: 4000/3500
  • Engine: 270cc Honda iGX270 OHV 4-stroke
  • Starting system: Recoil, Electric, Remote
  • Fuel type: Gasoline
  • Fuel tank: 6.2 gallons
  • Run time: up to 16 hrs at 1/2 load
  • Outlets: 2x Duplex 120V 20A (5-20R) GFCI, 1x 120V 30A (L5-30R), 1x 120/240V 20A (L14-20R), 1x 12V 8A output
  • Noise level: 61 dBa
  • Dimensions: 41.1 x 27.8 x 28.3 in
  • Weight: 204 lbs.

The Honda EM4000S is another portable option that has some fantastic features, and though it weighs in at 204 lbs in total it is definitely a good choice for those who want something portable as the wheels and handle make it easy to move from place to place.

It doesn’t have as much power as some of the other options as it only goes up to 4000 peak. However, this is made up for by the fact that you can use it for an incredible 16 hours on one tank of gasoline. If you need to use loads of appliances and tools at once then it might not be the best choice, but for relatively low wattage uses you can use this generator for most of a day with no issues.

Due to the fact that this doesn’t cope with such a heavy load, it also manages to stay relatively quiet. The decibel rating is around 60 which is still relatively loud, but certainly not unbearable.

The heavy weight of this is partially due to the fact it is incredibly sturdy. It is a well-made generator so if you need to take it to a building site where it might take a beating from the environment around, it shouldn’t be a problem.

What are our favorite features?

  • Very durable and hard-wearing
  • Wheels make it easier to move around
  • Lasts up to 16 hours of use on one tank of fuel

What could be better?

  • Not as high peak watts as some of the other options

HONDA EB10000 Most Powerful Generator

  • Type: Conventional
  • Peak/rated watts: 10000/9000
  • Engine: 630 cc Honda GX630 OHV 4-stroke
  • Starting system: Electric
  • Fuel type: Gasoline
  • Fuel tank: 8.1 gallons
  • Run time: up to 7.2 hrs at 1/2 load
  • Outlets: 2x Duplex 120V 20A (5-20R) GFCI, 1x 120V 30A (L5-30R), 1x 120/240V 30A (L14-30R), 1x 120/240V 50A (SS2-50R)
  • Noise level: 71 dBa
  • Dimensions: 55.9 x 26.7 x 35.1 in
  • Weight: 403 lbs.

Though it isn’t suitable for everyone’s needs, the Honda EB10000 is a wonderful industrial choice and it is an absolute powerhouse of a generator.  It makes a perfect backup generator for a whole house but is made for industrial use such as building sites. As you would expect from a beast like this, it is big and it is heavy, but that isn’t too much of a problem if you want something that can handle a building site, for instance. The chances are you’re already expecting heavy and loud!

The fuel tank is 8.1 gallons which is absolutely huge, and the biggest capacity out of any of the products on this list. An incredible 10000 watt peak means you could use a lot of power at once and not have any issues with it cutting out.

The EB10000 also has the added benefit of an electric start, something that not a huge amount of the Honda Generators on this list have.

It’s important to work out what you need from a generator. This can be the best option for a backup for a large house or for use on a building site, or for other industrial needs. It’s expensive, and it isn’t the most easily portable, but this may not always be a problem for everyone.

What are our favorite features?

  • Huge capacity and 10,000 watts of power provided at any given time
  • Electric start function

What could be better?

  • Expensive product as it is designed for use in big-scale industrial settings
  • Not easy to move around as it is a very heavy generator
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Honda EU7000ISBest Whole House Generator

  • Type: Conventional
  • Peak/rated watts: 7000/5500
  • Engine: 389 cc Honda GX390 EFI OHV 4-stroke
  • Starting system: Recoil, Electric
  • Fuel type: Gasoline
  • Fuel tank: 5.1 gallons
  • Run time: up to 9 hrs at 1/2 load
  • Outlets: 2x Duplex 120V 20A (5-20R) GFCI, 1x 120/240V 30A (L14-30R), 1x 120V 30A (L5-30R)
  • Noise level: 52 dBa
  • Dimensions: 33.4 x 27.6 x 28.4 in
  • Weight: 261 lbs.

This is a good all-round generator and it has a lot of features that make it attractive for a variety of uses. However, we’ve named it as the best whole house generator. It can be used as a backup system to power a whole home, and the fact that it is still relatively compact and portable, but manages to provide a lot of power, makes it a good choice for the home or garage.

You can start this product either by using an electric start or by recoil, so it is totally up to you. And as well as the 7000 peak watts of power that this is able to provide, it is also full of outlets in 120V varieties.

One downside is the fact that it doesn’t have an inverter built in, so it isn’t suitable for every device to be plugged into.

The noise that this Honda generator creates is another big plus point, it is around 52 decibels, which is pretty quiet! This means when the power goes out at home you don’t have to listen to something that sounds like a steam engine.

It is fueled by Gasoline and can run for up to 9 hours at ½ load.

What stands out?

  • Very quiet in spite of still providing plenty of power
  • Can be used with recoil or electric start

What cons did we manage to find?

  • No inverter built in for use with devices
  • A little bit on the heavy side for casual or portable use

Honda EM6500SBest Electric Start Generator

  • Type: Conventional
  • Peak/rated watts: 6500/5500
  • Engine: 389 cc Honda iGX390 OHV 4-stroke
  • Starting system: Recoil, Electric
  • Fuel type: Gasoline
  • Fuel tank: 6.2 gallons
  • Run time: up to 10.4 hrs at 1/2 load
  • Outlets: 20A 125V GFCI Duplex (2), 30A 125V Locking Plug, 30A 125/250V Locking Plug, 12V, 100W (8.3A)
  • Noise level: 66 dBa
  • Dimensions: 41.4 x 27.8 x 28.3 in
  • Weight: 234 lbs.

The Honda EM6500S is another option that is worth putting on our list. It is similar to a lot of the other reliable Honda generators but has some slightly more modern features such as the fact that it keeps the volume a little lower than you might expect (for a 6500W model, anyway). Also, this has a lot of outlets and an electric start, so you don’t have to worry about recoil starting.

This has a 6.2 gallon engine, which a lot of the Honda generators offer, this can give you over 10 hours of use when running at ½ load.

The power type is conventional so you need an AC/DC converter if you wish to use this directly to power certain devices.

It weighs over 200 lbs, so it is certainly sizeable, but it is made a bit more portable due to the fact that it has wheels on it and handles. However, these do need to be assembled. This can take a little bit of time.

It’s a little bit pricey compared to some other generators on the market at the same sort of capacity and wattage, but the build quality is evident. This is a well-made piece of kit for home or industrial use.

Why are we impressed?

  • Runs for over 10 hours
  • Versatile and offers plenty of power
  • Comes with wheels and handles for transporting

What negatives must you be aware of?

  • Current isn’t suitable for use with all devices, not without a converter anyway
  • A bit more expensive than some similar models
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Honda EU3000iSCustomer’s Choice

  • Type: Inverter
  • Peak/rated watts: 3000/2800
  • Engine: 196 cc Honda GX200 OHV 4-stroke
  • Starting system: Recoil, Electric
  • Fuel type: Gasoline
  • Fuel tank: 3.4 gallons
  • Run time: up to 7.1 hrs at 1/2 load
  • Outlets: 20A 125V Duplex, 30A 125V Locking Plug, 12V, 144W (12A)
  • Noise level: 57 dBa
  • Dimensions: 25.9 x 17.6 x 22 in
  • Weight: 131 lbs.

The Honda EU3000iS is a model with a slightly smaller fuel tank than some of the others, and as such it weighs a little bit less, too. It comes in at 131 lb.

This is another product which has both recoil and electric start systems so you can use to your preference. Also, it has a lot of options in terms of what it can be used with due to the multiple outlets.

This has been very well-reviewed by a huge amount of the customers who have purchased it. The EU3000iS includes an inverter so as well as using a lot of appliances or tools you can also use it to charge devices and power everyday items.

You can use this product for over 7 hours on a single tank of fuel running at ½ load. the 3000 watts of power is enough for most camping and home needs, though some industrial uses may not be suitable for combining with this generator.

The volume of the noise created by this generator is another of its plus points. It operates somewhere between 49 to 58 dB which means that it doesn’t annoy the neighbors and can run relatively quietly on your camping trip!

Though not recommended as an industrial generator, it is definitely a product we’d recommend as an all-rounder.

What do we love it for?

  • Comes with a power inverter to alter the current
  • Relatively portable and not overly heavy
  • Has an electric starting system

What were we disappointed with?

  • Not suitable for use on bigger building sites due to a lack of wattage
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Honda EG2800IBudget Pick

  • Type: Inverter
  • Peak/rated watts: 2800/2500
  • Engine: 186 cc Honda GC190LA 4-stroke
  • Starting system: Recoil
  • Fuel type: Gasoline
  • Fuel tank: 2.1 gallons
  • Run time: up to 8.7 hrs at 1/2 load
  • Outlets: 1x Duplex 120V 20A (5-20R), 1x 120V 30A (L5-30R)
  • Noise level: 62 dBa
  • Dimensions: 16.9 x 17.6 x 18.9 in
  • Weight: 66.6 lbs.

The Honda EG2800I is a great budget choice, and once again this is a product not designed for the most heavy duty, industrial use. Instead, it is perfect for taking on camping trips or for use in the garage or on location to run a tool or appliance.

As well as being relatively affordable, it manages to do an excellent job with limited fuel. The tank of 2.1 gallons can last for up to 8.7 hours, just don’t overload the Honda EG2800I.

This has a recoil starting system so no electric start, but this isn’t a problem for most of us. The noise level is decent, though not amazing. With 62 decibels it is a relatively quiet generator when compared to some of the products which are over 70 dB.

An inbuilt inverter means you don’t have to worry about your devices and electronics, the power should be suitable to use with anything you would normally plug into a home outlet.

A lot of the Honda generators on the market are pretty pricey. If you want the Honda quality we’ve come to expect, then the Honda EG2800I is one of the most affordable ways to do get this quality without spending the earth.

What are its best features?

  • Lightweight and easy to take out and about traveling or camping
  • Runs for a long time on a relatively small tank
  • Relatively lightweight compared to some other Honda generators

What could be improved?

  • Not really suited to industrial use on a large scale
  • No electric start

Things to Consider

A generator isn’t an everyday purchase. What’s best for one person won’t be what’s best for someone else.
Our buying guide is designed to help you to make the right choice for your own needs, you don’t want to spend thousands on a Honda generator that simply isn’t suitable for your needs. There are reasons why the Honda generator range is so big, it’s because people all need something a bit different when in the market for a generator.


There are many different types of generators on the market. The ‘type’ can refer to the fuel type, but in this article all of the Honda generators are made to take gasoline rather than propane. The type usually refers to whether the generator is Conventional or if it is an Inverter style.

Conventional generators are prone to giving power surges and these can sometimes damage your devices. You wouldn’t want to plug a laptop into one, and while a power tool might be fine, it isn’t something worth taking a risk on for home electronics rather than industrial. Inverters convert the current and make them safe for everyday consumer electronics.

Features to consider while choosing a Honda generator

The following features are the most important to consider when you are choosing a Honda generator. These have been used when creating our top Honda generator reviews, and some of them might be more of a priority for your own needs than others. We’ve differentiated between the features and what they mean below.

Power output

The power output is one of the most important features for anyone to work out. It is perfectly clear on all of the models we’ve reviewed the maximum power output, but there is another figure, the RMS. These are both measured in wattage, and relate to how many watts of power they can output to your devices, tools or other electronics.

The RMS figure relates to an ‘average’ that the generator can cope with, whereas Peak means it can hit these levels but not constantly as this can impact the function of your generator.

You can normally work out roughly what you need by working out what the tools require. If you have 5 appliances you want to run at the same time and these all require 800W, make sure your Honda generator can cope with a 4000W RMS. Some very simple maths can help you to work out the power output you need.

Fuel type

What type of fuel does the generator require to run? All of the products on the list can be used with gasoline, this ensures that you can always get hold of the fuel. Gasoline is the most common way to fuel your generator but some can be converted to take propane gas if needed. Check with each individual generator.

Most people are more than happy with gasoline to be used to generate the power, like for example, by Honda EU3000iS.


What type of engine is included in order to generate the fuel? All of the Honda generators on this list have an engine within that runs the mechanism, each of our product reviews discuss that engine. This may impact what type of oil it requires and some other minor details. Check out the engine by giving a quick search if you feel like you want to know. The layman won’t need to worry too much about this, you can get plenty out of your generator without ever even knowing what type of engine is inside it.

Fuel tank capacity and runtime

10 Best Honda Generators - No More Problems With The Lack Of EnergyThis is another vital thing to consider when you are deciding on your Honda generator. The fuel tank capacity will tell you how much fuel can be held within your generator. Some of the biggest and most industrial designed generators can hold over 6 gallons of fuel. This can help them with their run time, and allow you to use your generator for many hours without having to worry about cutting out. The Honda EB10000 has an exceptional 8.1 gallon fuel tank that allows you to use the generator for a long period of time and make it even one of the best generators for a food truck as well as among 10,000-Watt generators and 30 Amp generators.

Runtime can be vital. Lets say you are using your generator to run a business, running a coffee machine or a cooker so that you can provide food and drink outdoors. If your generator gives up after a few hours of use then this can cost you.


How many power outlets are offered, and what type of outlets are they? If you are planning to plug a lot of different electrical items into your generator, then it is worth checking. Many of the Honda generators offer lots of outlets in both 120 and 240V configurations to suit a variety of different electronics. The Honda EU7000IS boasts 2x Duplex 120V 20A (5-20R) GFCI, 1x 120/240V 30A (L14-30R), 1x 120V 30A (L5-30R), this is an example of one of the configurations the brand uses.

Noise level

When you think of a generator you probably think of something very loud! This isn’t always the case, and it doesn’t have to be. Some Honda generators are relatively quiet, and there’s always the option of buying one which is relatively low in decibels, this means that it isn’t unbelievably noisy and won’t annoy you (or your customers if you are using it for business premises).

Some of the hefty industrial Honda generators are inevitably pretty loud.

It’s not possible to create a silent generator!
If you are looking for the best quiet generator then the quietest possible model on the list is the Honda EU2200i, it reaches just 48 dB, this is not silent, but it is quite a quiet option. 48 dB equates to background noise and won’t be something that interferes with your conversations, for example.

Dimensions and weight

10 Best Honda Generators - No More Problems With The Lack Of EnergyObviously, we buy generators due to the fact that we can use them out and about, they are portable products and though they’re not exactly something you can chuck in a backpack, some of them can be taken out on location rather than just being used as a backup for the home.

If you want to take your Honda generator out and about with you and put it in your trunk, for instance, think about the dimensions and weight. You need to know that you can carry it or that you can get it from A to B even if you need a bit of help from your friends.


Some Honda generators offer up to three years of warranty. The warranty can protect your purchase and ensure that you know that you have quality on your hands, and should anything happen, you can get a replacement or a repair. A warranty being offered by Honda shows the confidence they have in their products.

Extra features

Some of the options include extra features, but not many. To be honest, most Honda generators are all about providing reliable power and not having to have too many added extras. The additional features that we do see over and over again, however, are portability features.

Added wheels and handles are the only real extra features you are likely to see offered by the generators on this list. Obviously, if you need to move your generator around then this can be something that comes in very handy.


This depends on the run time of each of the Honda generators in question. The run time can be up to 16 hours depending upon which model you buy. The run time also tends to be based on only using ½ of the load and capacity of the generator.

Yes, but not all generators. The Honda EB10000 is ideal due to the fact that it has a huge capacity. It is a heavy option, though. Obviously, if you can get access to power without a generator in a commercial setting then you may not need to go for a product like this, but if you are forced to, it is better to get a product with long run time and that can provide plenty of power. A generator is recommended as a backup if you need power vitally as a business.

Some models of Honda generators are parallel compatible. They require specific cables in order to link them together and double the amount of power on offer.


Our editor’s choice is the Honda EG5000 which we’ve rated 9.6/10, it has excellent all-round capabilities and a 5000W power rating which is suitable for most homes and businesses as a backup. It is reliable and has a very long run time, which are features we really value for finding a generator you know you can stick with for the long term.

The Honda EM5000SX is a very similar model that comes in second on our list. It is a bit more pricey, but it is very durable and has a lot of power to use in a wide variety of situations. We’ve given it a rating of 9.5/10.

The Honda EU2200i is also very highly ratewell when people are searching for the best Honda generator as well as for the best inverter generator. We particularly like the fact that it has an inverter so it is suitable for use with all kinds of appliances and tools.

And now it is up to you to find the best Honda generator which will suite your needs.

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